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Within the Kiev Report Delphi forum, we have a number of categories of discussions down the left side of the page. We have separate headings for the Kiev-88 and Kiev 60 models and for 35mm SLR's (Zenit, Kiev) and rangefinders (FED, Zorki, Leningrad). We also discuss related cameras. You'll find much about the Pentacon Six in the Kiev 60 category, and even some about the Exakta 66 there. You'll also find, in the appropriate categories, information about the lenses for those cameras from Carl Zeiss Jena and from Schneider, which will work on the Kiev 60 and on certain Kiev 88's with the Pentacon Six lens mount.

Curious? Just have a look. Click: 'Go to the Message Board' (below), register with Delphi and start with the 'INTRODUCTION' folder. On the page where you are now (The Webpage) you find an archive of links with interesting pages on the net and with several suppliers. Moreover you can buy cheap on "Ebay". But remember... many Russian and Ukrainian cameras have technical problems, and buying without a warranty is taking a big risk; a bona fide dealer will be more expensive but it is worth the money usually. Which lead me to...

The Standard Disclaimer

What you do and how you spend your money is up to you. If everyone says such and such is great, and the one you buy howls at the moon, that's the way it goes. If you think something else is wonderful, and everyone else thinks it's unusable, then you just have to live with it. These cameras often attract adjectives like funky, quirky, cheap, crappy, wonderful, and so on. The only truth you can count on is what you hold in your hands. Thus, how you use the information on this forum is completely up to you, and you alone suffer the consequences if it turns out badly.

But if it does, tell us about it and we will commiserate. Maybe. But we've all been there.

We welcome any comments on the performance and service of suppliers, etc. But the Kiev Report is not a court of last resort for resolving conflict between buyers and sellers. Such discussions invariably hinge on the language arts, given that language is all the readers of the forum have to review. There is no access to the facts of any situation using the Kiev Report. If you have issues with a supplier, it would be best to resolve them or abandon any hope of doing so before discussing it on a public forum. We do not expect nor encourage proprietors to defend themselves on this forum, so we will also ask those who have complaints to respect the fact that they have one-sided access to the forum.

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How do we feel about specific hardware?


180MM Sonnar Zeiss Jena

K88 Shutter Curtain material

K60 in 645 version


50MM Flektogon Zeiss f/4.0

K88 MLU (Mirror Lockup)




K88 Film Backs




K88 Rapid Wind crank




K88 Prism Viewfinders


120MM VEGA LENS f/2.8





Vendor list

Kiev Camera
Defunct U.S.-based full-service dealer


Ukraine full-service dealer

Kiev USA
Upgraded equipment / repair

Redesigned and upgraded equipment

Roskam Optics
Dutch sales and repair


Russian cameras and lenses

 DVD Technik

Ukraine full service dealer and manufacturer of interesting adaptors

 Soviet Camera

Ukraine used equipment dealer

Baier Fototechnik
German dealer, maker of adaptors for Kiev prisms on other cameras (including Pentacon Six); also modifies Pentacon and Exakta cameras to eliminate possibility of frame overlap



Operation / Maintenance / Repair tips and procedures, plus other useful links

Kiev Report Shutter Accuracy Test

by Rick Denney

Rick Denney's Lens Tests

 Related Equipment Links

Photography Links

Lens Filter size table

 Trevorís Pentacon Six Lens Tests

 Robert Monahan's Medium Format site
Comprehensive discussion of nearly all MF cameras, including Kievs

Zuga Photography
Excellent Portraiture Site

Nathan Dayton's Commie Camera site

 Kievaholic Klub
A Kiev site and portal by one of our members


General Photography Forum

Kiev Report Meter Accuracy Test
by Rick Denney and Kevin Ing

The Kiev Report Mother of All Lens Tests
by Rick Denney


Stephe's Pages
Kiev 60 Anonymous
Kiev 88 Oblivious
Russian FKD 8x10 Camera
Good stuff from one of our members


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